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About Us

caregiver and patient smiling

Our Mission
Our goal is to help our clients achieve an enhanced quality of life at home through excellent home health care services.

Atlas Healthcare Management, Inc. is a locally owned and operated home health care provider that is committed to helping homebound patients in Illinois to live better lives. We are unyielding in carrying on with our mission to assist our patients in enhancing their quality of life at home. Every visit that we make is an opportunity to make a positive impact. We carefully address our clients’ needs with the utmost consideration for their dignity, privacy, and comfort.

Home health care services are provided by our healthcare team that is composed of trained, qualified, and resilient professionals. They have a deep understanding of what your current situation is and will provide any kind of assistance you need at the highest quality.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured agency. To receive care from us, please contact 773-585-4100 so we can discuss your existing situation at home.