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To help clients achieve an enhanced quality of life at home through excellent home health care services.

About Us
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Welcome to Atlas Healthcare Management, Inc.

The home is a familiar and comfortable place for many of us. It is no wonder that most of the elderly, the disabled, and those with existing medical conditions prefer to receive care at home. It is our commitment to our clients to help them receive the care that they need. We go to their homes, render home health care services, and help them enhance their quality of life.

We are excited to also work with you in your recovery at home. If you need information regarding what we do, please check out our website. You can also talk to one of our staff members at 773-585-4100. Thank you for entrusting your health to us!


Our care programs focus on our patients and their needs. We always want to address all of these needs in an efficient and effective manner. We render the necessary assistance in the following fields:

nurse holding patient's hand

Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nurses are trained to render wound care, patient and family education, and more.

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doctor and patient having a physical therapy session

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation through our physical therapy program will help restore optimal physical function.

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caregiver assisting old woman in walking

Occupational Therapy

With occupational therapy, you get to know techniques on how to live your life better.

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man and old couple talking

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapist will work with you in improving your ability to communicate.

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Learn more about the payment methods and insurance plans that we can accommodate.

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We are able to maintain a high standard of quality when rendering our services through our qualified and dedicated care team.

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We provide our services to home health care clients within the state of Illinois.

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